Zircon – light blue – Nigeria – Total parcel weight 33.11 cts- Ref. ZRP/1 - Reserved

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Zircon – light blue – Nigeria – Total parcel weight 33.11 cts- Ref. ZRP/1 - Reserved
Blue Zircons are usually associated with Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar with the very odd occurrence being found in Australia.
Recently light blue-green-grey stones have started appearing from Nigeria.  The rough material is found in areas where Sapphires are located, Usually a muddy brown colour, they change on heating to a light blue with green and light grey tones. The parcel offered contains 8 stones, 4 stones weighing between 3-4 cts each, three stones weighing between 4-5 cts each and one larger stone over 5 cts in size. 
These stones are all graded AA+ - AAA in clarity . This is a trial sample, if you, the cutter, likes the material, we will get more.
The parcel consists of 8 stones, with a combined weight of 33.11 cts and is priced at $150.00 for the parcel. Two photos are shown, the first in daylight, the next is in artificial light.
That is a cost of just $4.55.00 per ct!
Now beat that for value!!
Please note: Grid measurement - each square is 10mm  x 10mm