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January 10th 2021

The coronavirus has been a major upset in Africa, not only with the fact that we were unable to import or export any stones for a considerable number of months last year, but, due to the travel restrictions, many buyers were unable to visit Africa and consequently, and a number of the gemstone miners had to close down their workings.

Slowly gemstone production is beginning again and we managed to get some really superb new rough in for January. Even our Tourmalines from Mozambique, purchased in February last year, arrived just a week ago.

Please take a look at all the new Tourmalines we have on offer. Note the new, mint-green Tourmalines recently found in Nigeria. Although not totally clean material, the colour is superb.
New rough on the January list will include Mint Green Grossular Garnet, Mozambique Aquamarine (both should be up within this coming week), Kornerupine, Zircon (really large pieces) Tourmalines from the Congo, Nigeria and Mozambique, Rhodolite, Spinel.

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